Monday, December 13, 2010

Using your digital camera for IWC! Book image ready!

From Jeanette Obbink and Leslie Leong-

·      Photograph your artwork on an overcast (but bright) day, a hazy day is excellent. Photograph it out in the open, not behind a building or tree. At the edge of your artwork (centre bottom - but not on your art), include a little piece of white photocopy paper. It is better to underexpose the image. 
·      Photograph as vertical as possible to avoid distortion
·      Using your camera – set to the highest resolution on your menu settings – go back your manual if need be (most are online) –
·      High resolution will indicate fewer photographs accommodated on your photo card
·      Your photograph should be close to 2 MB – this should produce an image that is high enough in quality for us – we’ll size it to suit the book
·      If need be you can use Google Picasa or a similar tool to send your photo
·      Please use your name on your file – i.e. Jane_Smith.jpg

Please also refer to the November 22, 2010 posting

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