Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hello Ladies!

Just wanted to check in and send good wishes as you all finish your works. I am currently finishing grading papers for this semester.

Jeanette Obbink and I are meeting Monday to go over upcoming details for the electronic submission. We will post instructions to help you get the correct size and dpi for your image. Remember when sending your electronic image and narrative to use your full name i.e.  Jane_Smith.doc.

Also on the agenda for next week will be Canada customs instructions for those of you out of the country. For those in the US there will be an option to UPS your work domestically (an opening and closing date will be posted) to the depot of one of our partners and they will bring it across the border.

For all concerned - please do not ship anything until into the new year.  We are still trying to help those outside of North America with arrangements.

Best of holiday preparation...

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