Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The sizing is standard and so are the hanging specs but your works are anything but!

Hi Ladies:

Whether you are just starting your work or it has been complete for a couple of weeks more questions have come up. The most recent question is about wiring your work. So off I sent again to Jeanette Obbink who often works on huge canvases.

From Jeanette:

Screw in eyes to the inside of the wooden frame (so the piece can still lay flat against a surface), roughly 6 inches from the top of the work,  use a metal wire with enough slack so that if you hold it in the middle the centre of the wire is about 3 inches from the top – it will require a bit of tweaking no doubt, but that should make it as even as possible and as ‘easy’ to hang all 100+ of them in an even manner.

If you gals follow this we will be thrilled on the other end.
Don't stress about shipping yet...I don't want them here until February!

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