Thursday, December 2, 2010

100 Women and about 10%

Well ladies:

Over one hundred women have answered the call via social network to be part of an initiative to observe the centenary of International Women's Day for the exhibition known as International Women Celebrate!

A collaborative effort indeed - thank you all taking the first step in this journey with us! Over the next few days I will be refining the list, adding your websites and blogs to my matrix and tying up any loose ends associated with our collective recruitment.

There are other items I will be attending to away from the exhibit so if I don't get back to you right away please know I will be on it shortly.

A few items that have come up:
  1. The electronic submission. I will touch base with collaborator Jeanette Obbink for specific step by step instructions to achieve the digital specifications for the image of your work that she will need for the book. The instructions will be posted in next week or two.
  2. For you international ladies - a sample Canada Customs form is being drafted and will be discussed on this blog. 
  3. The book will be for sale. There will be an opportunity to pre-order the book of International Women Celebrate!  Details will be on the AyrSpace website.
  4. Please do not ship works until the new year. We request works be at AyrSpace by Monday February 21, 2010.
All for now - thank you again.  Please join the blog!

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