Saturday, November 13, 2010

An update!

Good morning Women of the World!

Kim Rempel and I (Jill Yuzwa) are thrilled with your generosity. It has been great exchanging missives with all of you!

We still hope to have representation from Atlantic Canada, the Northwestern and Northeastern States, Africa, Australia, Europe and South America - so we hope you will continue to network for International Women Celebrate!

We wanted to touch base with you all for an update.  When we started down this path Kim and I understood that this call was a process – we are asking a lot in a short(er) time frame. The time frame was fashioned by 1) the funding we are shortlisted for  2) the book we are working on to observe the event  International Women Celebrate!

Due Date extended slightly

Graphic designer and painter Jeanette Obbink and I refined critical path for the book this week and as a result found that we could push to due date back a week or so – we’d like to have the electronic images of your work sent between Monday December 27th and Monday January 3rd.  We will be posting the requirements for these electronic images. They are to be accompanied by the written material requested. When sending the file please adopt the format: JaneSmithDec27.jpg and JaneSmithDec27.doc – this way we are flagged on who and when!

With 100 gals any formatting assistance will be helpful on our end.

JANUARY – SHIPPING YOUR WORKS – please do not ship anything until we have all information about Canadian Border Services documentation available.

North American Shipping partners in the works

We said we’d try and try we did – Ayr, Ontario is the hub of some of North America’s most sophisticated Transportation companies and large scale expeditors. Hearing that shipping was a barrier to some of you folks we inquired with our neighbours and good corporate citizens in the Transport sector – they said no problem we’d be happy to help!  We have some general information so far but please be patient with us as we iron out the details.

Western Canada
If you can get your works to Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary or Saskatoon it will have a ride to Ayr!

United States
When the problem was posed to our one potential Transportation partner he suggested that artists from the U.S. use UPS to ship to his American depot located in the South. This would be a nominal fee. We would coach you in advance on all the proper customs and Canadian Border Services documentation that you would ship with your works.  Our partner’s company would then bring your work over the border to Ayr!

So please be patient with us – we hope we have eliminated a boundary and that you will collaborate with us and be part of International Women Celebrate!

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