Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The works are coming in and the book will go to print next week!

Hello Ladies and IWC! enthusiasts:

I held off on a new posting for quite a while because I loved the way the blog looked when it was opened to the sampling of works.

Your works are coming in at a nice pace and wow - they are spectacular.

I appreciate the pre-orders for the book, "International Women Celebrate! 100 Women Artists Reflect". It is the first undertaking for the AyrSpace Press and it is exciting.

A big thank you goes, of course, to artist and graphic designer Jeanette Obbink. The book showcases the works with a clean wow factor making it a perfect gift for Mother's Day or even a professional waiting room. One can sit and visit with one artist at a time or commit to a joyous read.

As promised I will post some quotes from the book...perhaps this evening.

Pre-orders continue -
Cash price: $35.00 + HST = $39.55
Cash, cheque, money order or debit.

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